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The Roam Serengeti Safaris experience
Roam Serengeti Safaris is owned and guided by Musa, who was born and raised in Tanzania.  He has been a part of Africa all his life.  His English skills are excellent and his demeanor is kind and understanding..
Be sure to read our testimonials to see what other tourists have to say about their time with us,.. But more importantly, their experience!
Musa is from Northern Tanzania, along the biggest lake in Africa, Lake Victoria.  He spent his childhood as a wildlife lover. He grew up in his village near Serengeti National Park where he began a great bush experience.  This experience encouraged him to take training courses for wildlife guides and to continue his education with courses conducted by wildlife experts.
He has guided several safaris with clients from different parts of the word.  As a guide, he has an excellent knowledge of the culture and local community life in Tanzania. With his 10 years as a safari guide he now manages a team of guides to ensure that all roam Serengeti safaris clients have the trip of a lifetime and discover the amazing ecology, wildlife, and wonders of Tanzania.
We use Land Cruisers and Land Rovers to take you on safari.  All are very well maintained and are equipped with:
 - pop-up roof, which offers you shade when doing game drive
 - charging system, to enable you to charge all the electronic devices like cameras and cell phones while out on safari.
 - fridge, to insure you having cold drinks when doing game drive
 - Coffee and Tea are always available too!
We also provide bean bags to stabilize your camera when taking photos.
Some hotels and tented camps run generators for you to charge there too,
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Please book with us to start creating memories for a lifetime!!






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